Toul Sleng Genocide Museum is the hurt memorial site of Cambodian people. Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum is the memorial site of “Security Office 21” (S-21) of interrogation and detention center of the Khmer Rouge regime and located in what was then the abandoned city of Phnom Penh, whose citizens had been evacuated on 17 April 1975. S-21 served as the central hub of a vast prison system throughout the country and was used throughout the period as a secret facility for the detention, interrogation, torture and extermination of those deemed “political enemies” of the regime. Due to a policy of guilt-by-association, at times whole families were detained at the center. Only 12 former inmates survived the opening of S-21 when Phnom Penh was liberated. Four of them were children,Mostly traveler after exploring and knowing about this hurt story seem like heart touching.

How to get Toul Sleng Genocide Museum of Cambodia?


Toul Sleng Genocide Museum is locatedSt.113, Boeung Keng Kang III, Chamkarmorn Phnom Penh, Cambodia,Most of traveler getting there by tuk tuk or bus tour due to there are not much space for parking.

Every day available time from 8:00AM-5:00PM.

Entrance Fee
There are 3 type of admissions fee for visiting Toul Sleng Genocide Museum:
-Non Cambodia : 20000 Riel (5$)
-Non Cambodian Citizen between 10-18: 12000 Riel ($3)
-Cambodian Citizen: Free of charge

Tour guide: donation only
-Audio guide: Cambodian Citizen: $1.00
-Non Cambodian Citizen: $3.00

Films are screened each day at 9.00 am and 3:45 pm in our newly refurbished movie room, second floor of Building D. Consult: In the current program of films to be screened: Schedule could be flexible.
9:00AM : The Killing Machine
3:45PM : Behind the walls of S-21

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