Bamboo trainadditionally referred to by neighborhood individuals as Nori, was redesigned and is going again subsequent to having been once shut. The administration is situated around 20 kilometers from the town, which the line starts close to the base of Phnom Banan in Kanteu II Commune, Sang Village and finishes at Chhoeuteal Commune, with the separation of around 4 kilometers.A bamboo train platform is simply a flatbed put on wheels with two axles and propelled forward with a small engine. It is very fun and enjoyable to try the bamboo train. It is also a great way to experience how local people use the bamboo train as the daily transportation. The bamboo train trip is going around Banan temple area. During the trip, you can enjoy the amazing landscape around Banan temple, and you will travel through forests, mountains, and caves along the route. At the end of the line, there are people selling snacks, drinks, and souvenirs. With the maximum speed of around 30 to 40 kilometers per hour, the whole trip takes about an hour.

Bamboo Train Ticket Fee

Regarding the price for traveling with the bamboo train, it is USD 2.5 for a Cambodian and USD 5 for a foreigner. It is a worth-trying experience to travel by the bamboo train when visiting Battambang Province.

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